2013 Boston Anarchist Bookfair

The 2013 Boston Anarchist Bookfair was held November 10-11 at Simmons College, in Boston, MA.

Here are archived pages from the 2013 Bookfair:

Press Release


Anarchy in the Bay State: Boston Anarchist Bookfair to Convene Hundreds from the Community and Across the Country
Join Us for a Weekend of Workshops, Books, and Music

November 10 - 11, 2013
10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
Simmons College Paresky Center, 3rd floor
300 the Fenway, Boston

Press Contact: bostonanarchistbookfair@gmail.com

BOSTON, MA — This Veterans Day Weekend, join anarchists and community members for two days of learning and organizing for a better Boston and a better world. Against the backdrop of a bitterly contested Mayoral race, anarchists are building toward a world without politicians or the billionaires who fund them.

As revolts and revolutions continue to erupt around the world, elites everywhere fear the power of ordinary people organizing to fight for justice. In the U.S., whistleblowers are exposing massive state spying campaigns and systematic repression; communities of color and their allies are fighting against a racist justice system; residents and tribal organizations are taking action to stop toxic pipelines; and workers in factories and fast-food joints are standing up to their bosses.

Boston is one of North America’s cradles of revolution. So it is fitting that for the third year in a row, people from all walks of life — from seasoned organizers to the politically curious — will come together in a time in which the ideas, methods, and tactics of anarchism are more important than ever.

Dozens of radical organizations and vendors from as far away as California will be selling goods and sharing knowledge at this community event. Consistent with previous turnout, organizers of the Boston Anarchist Bookfair expect hundreds of attendees.

For a full schedule of events and speakers, and a list of attending publishers and organizations visit http://www.bostonanarchistbookfair.org.

Admission to the bookfair is free of charge.

The Bookfair is graciously hosted and sponsored by the Progressive Librarians Guild at Simmons College.


Thanks to...

The Boston Local of the Industrial Workers of the World

The IWW is actively campaigning to organize workers. We're also laying the groundwork for future union drives right here in Boston. Our plan is to build a new society, free from oppression, poverty and war, within the shell of the old, capitalist system that offers less and less to ordinary people. Dump the bosses off your back! Come join the One Big Union!

Progressive Librarians Guild at Simmons College

The Simmons chapter of the Progressive Librarians Guild is a student organization committed to inscribing the struggle for social justice at the center of the library profession. We believe that cataloging, indexing, acquisitions policy and collection development, reference services, library automation, library management, and virtually every other library issue embody political value choices. We aim to make these choices explicit, and to carry out our professional responsibilities in a way that helps to realize a freer, more democratic world.

The Simmons chapter of PLG is proudly affiliated with the Progressive Librarians Guild.

Lucy Parsons Center

The Lucy Parsons Center is an independent, non-profit, radical bookstore and community space. We are run collectively by our volunteers — no bosses, no pay. We are kept alive by dedicated volunteers who contribute their time to keeping this project on its feet. Read more about our collective or sign up to volunteer and get involved if you are interested!

The Lucy Parsons Center has a well-stocked bookstore with new and used books and more than 200 magazines, newspapers, and journals, covering every wing of the progressive movement. We also carry posters, stickers, cards, and pins. There are low-priced used and bargain books in addition to new titles, Spanish-language books, and children's books.>